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Workplace Injury in brownsville, TX?

As a worker in Texas, your rights begin with the ability to work in a safe environment provided by proper training, safe equipment and attentive supervision. Nobody goes to work with the thought that they could be seriously injured. However, if you find yourself in a workplace accident due to company negligence it’s important to know your rights in the state of Texas.

Let’s begin with the most commonly asked question regarding workplace injury; what to do when you get injured on the job? Seek medical attention immediately if your situation applies. If medical attention is needed immediately, a police officer will write a report- you must obtain a copy of this report for your records. If medical attention is not immediately needed, it is important to determine the severity of your injury with your manager on whether or not medical attention is later required. After this stage, you must discuss and report any and everything related to your injury with your manager to complete an incident report.

Finally, after these steps are complete in regards to your situation, you will need to get in contact with a workplace injury lawyer to discuss whether or not you will file for worker’s compensation or file a lawsuit against the company. These two options are also determined on the fact that employers in Texas are not required by law to purchase worker’s compensation insurance. With that being said, a suit against the company might be the best route for your justice.

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Elizabeth’s success can be attributed to the individual attention and commitment she gives to each client and their case.

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