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Oil Field Accident

Oil Field Accident in brownsville, TX?

If you live in the Rio Grande Valley you probably have a friend or family member that works in the oil and gas industry. It is a well paying profession but mainly because the risk and danger of getting hurt is so substantial. We hope that your family or friends have not suffered an oil field accident but if they have you need representation as soon as it happens.

Energy companies have procedures and processes that protect their interest the moment an accident is reported; you should too. Share our easy to remember phone number of 866-LA-LEONA with family and friends that work in the oil and gas industry so that they will have a fighting chance if they happen to get injured.

Liz Valdez is La Leona de Valle and will fight for your rights, getting injured in a oil field accident could mean loss of wages and worse. Call or message 24/7 if you need help.

lawyer in Brownsville, Lawyer in Brownsville, TX


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Elizabeth Valdez Garza was born in Houston, TX but raised in the Rio Grande Valley. In 2008, Elizabeth founded Valdez Garza Law Firm, P.C. and she has successfully grown her practice to vigorously represent clients in personal injury cases. Elizabeth is a first generation Mexican-American as both her parents immigrated from Mexico and worked hard to provide a safe and loving home for her and her siblings. Their hard work inspired Elizabeth to also work hard and treat everyone with dignity and respect no matter their socioeconomic or educational background.

Elizabeth believes in community and serving her community by donating her time, raising funds and making financial contributions. Elizabeth’s success can be attributed to the individual attention and commitment she gives to each client and their case. She prides herself in being able to live up to her parent’s upbringing in providing her clients the personal attention they deserve beginning with the initial consultation and through the life of the case Elizabeth personally handles every matter.

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She is an amazing lawyer.all I can say is she did a good job in my husband case.We thank you so much for helping my husband. I will highly recommend her to anyone that needs a lawyer...once again thank you so much.
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Elizabeth’s success can be attributed to the individual attention and commitment she gives to each client and their case.

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